Kim Linam Executive Advisor


B.A., Economics & Business with emphasis in Accounting | Hendrix College - Conway, AR 1985




Arkansas Women in Power
Southern Gas Association
Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce


Rate Design for Base Rates and Decoupling Mechanisms, Strategic Regulatory and Financial Planning; Resource Planning and Compliance Audit Expertise; Due Diligence and Integration Expertise; Shared Services Supervision including IT, HR, Gas Supply, Gas Control and Accounting

Kim Linam Executive Advisor

Ms. Linam is an accounting, finance, and regulatory expert with over thirty-five years of experience in public accounting and regulated industries including banking, healthcare, and public utilities. With over 16 years of experience in Executive Management of a Natural Gas Utility, she possesses an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of the natural gas utility business environment, regulations, ratemaking mechanisms and implementation of systems and processes to comply with regulatory requirements and rate changes. She also has extensive experience in the M&A environment including management presentations and projections, due diligence and the integration process following an acquisition or merger.

Ms. Linam has testified before the Arkansas Public Service Commission, the Maine Public Utilities Commission and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.  She has an expert knowledge of designing and developing utility cost of service system models for the regulatory filings and various financial data analyses.  Prior to joining Atrium, Ms. Linam was the Chief Administrative Officer for Summit Utilities and Chief Executive Officer for Arkansas Oklahoma Gas. Ms. Linam’s office location is Fort Smith, AR.

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